What makes Microsoft Office 365 so different from Office standard? Well for starters, Office 365 is a web-accessed application, so you can access your software from any location across the world with internet access. All of your files will be accessible on computers, laptops, notebooks, browsers, or on a smart phone. Microsoft has spent considerable time and resources to ensure the software suite is secure and reliable; providing easy to access to your emails and calendar, conferencing facilities, file sharing, and a secure method of accessing web applications.

Many small to medium sized businesses opt to buy Office 365 Online using the Enterprise E3 option, so that they can enjoy the benefit of getting updates and file sharing from any access point without undergoing the cost of an extensive IT infrastructure networks, hosted on internal servers (typically expensive to set up, build, and maintain). Having a common platform also allows employees to remotely access files on their internal secure shared network up to five devices.

Enterprises Love SharePoint and Outlook Features

This framework allows users to communicate in real-time and securely read, edit and collaborate on projects throughout network. The best news is, all versions are fully compatible and integrate with older Microsoft Office products, providing full access the comprehensive suite of products, from anywhere in the world; local installations are no longer necessary.

With real-time email and calendar management via One Note and SharePoint, employees are given large capacity inboxes of 50 gigabytes, enabling them to retrieve contacts and conversations from any location. Lastly, for those looking for a complete solution; choose to migrate your domain on the cloud network, and integrate all of the features from the cloud into your organization.

Office Meeting

Security and Spam Protection You Can Trust

Easily filter out junk or spam emails to increase email security and efficiency, reducing the need for you to sift through irrelevant emails. Utilize administrative tools and features and preserve control of user accounts whenever necessary. Built-in conferencing functions provide the option to find and connect with peers and join meetings with a click, all via Outlook. online status of you and your known contacts. The latest cloud version of Office is ideal for users who work from more than one location which in turn reduces traveling time and costs, all from a thin-client.

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