Braces have, for a long time, been the force behind perfectly aligned teeth that were otherwise crooked in a way before having the braces put on. That said, it is important to engage the services of an expertly trained and experienced orthodontist Orlando for this procedure in order to receive the best care available and avoid unpleasant post-procedure complications.

Usually, during the preliminary consultation, the orthodontist will create a model representing the shape of your teeth. This may alternatively be done just right before the procedure and involves a fairly simplistic procedure of placing a tray with a sticky substance onto your teeth will leave an impression, giving the exact shape of your entire dental structure. This will be followed by a thorough cleaning of your teeth, which will be rinsed and dried off.


In order to have as much unlimited access to all your teeth, the orthodontist will place in your mouth a spacer; an adjustable plastic-based piece that also helps to keep the tongue out of the way during the procedure. Blowing on your teeth to dry them is an important prerequisite for application of the bonding glue or gel on your teeth as excessive saliva will affect adhesive action negatively. The brackets are then carefully placed over the teeth and adjusted with professional precision for a perfect fit.

After successful placement, the orthodontist will use a special light to dry off the bonding gel. This will be followed by attaching the braces arch wires and secure all the teeth with elastic bands. The final step is in choosing the ligatures of your preference, which are available in different colors.

Getting your braces put on is a fairly painless procedure that may keep you at your orthodontist Nashville for only 1-2 hours on average. Apart from the mild soreness that may accompany having them in the immediate period, post-procedure, you will find that you will adjust to having the braces in as little as a few weeks’ time. As a matter of fact, most people literally forget that they have the braces on after a couple of months.

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